Frequently Asked Questions

Why does music stopped playing in background?

Android battery optimization can prevent continous playback of music in the background or while the screen is locked. Find SpotyTube and change to "Don't Optimize" (Settings -> Battery Optimization)

Why doesn't search work sometimes?

We have a limited number of API quota from YouTube. Hence search will sometime fail when we ran out of API quota during the day. We've requested YouTube to increase our API quota to be able to provide a full search experience throughout the day. If you have any questions, please send an email to: charanastudios '@' gmail (dot) com

How does the floating music player works?

For the best music listening experience, the app uses our flagship floating music video player, which does not require YouTube application to be installed. Floating player can be minimized by swiping down on the player and docked anywhere on the screen while you continue to use another app. You can also double tap to minimize or maximize the floating player or tap and hold to move the player anywhere on the screen.

How do I change the video player?

By default the video player uses our flagship floating player, however you may choose to also use the native YouTube player, which can be changed from "Settings". This however will require YouTube application to be installed on the device for the native YouTube music player to work. But if our application detects that YouTube is not instaled on the device, it'll automatically default to the floating player.

Why can't I play music when screen is locked?

It is against YouTube's policy to play music video while the screen is locked. Unfortunately we don't allow music playback when the screen is locked. If you have any question, please email us, charanastudios '@' gmail (dot) com

How often is the playlist updated?

We carefully curate and update the playlist regularly. For example, the top, trending & viral playlist are updated daily while some other playlists are updated weekly or some monthly

Can I restore my saved playlist or favorites to another device?

Yes, your favorite songs, playlist and artists are saved to your user account. You can restore or sync your music anytime when you login with the same account on another device

How can I import my Spotify playlist?

Under your "My Music" section, tap the + icon to import Spotify playlist. At the moment, we only support importing playlist from Spotify. This is a work in progress, we're working on providing support for importing playlist from other major streaming services like, YouTube, Google Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, SoundCloud etc

Why does my app keeps crashing?

SpotyTube uses offline caching to improve the user experience. However, sometime the cache data could go stale or conflict with an updated data causing the app to sometime crash. You may need to clear the app data to get it working again(Settings -> Remove App Data)

Why am I not recieving my password reset link?

Sometimes your email providers can tag the password reset email as spam emails. Make sure to check spam folder or otherwise make sure your email address is typed correctly when requesting for a password reset. If you need more assistance, please send an email to: charanastudios '@' gmail (dot) com